Monday, April 12, 2010

Question # 315

Connect the following:

Question by Shravan


  1. countries within another country...
    Vatican city inside italy
    monte carlo inside france
    lesotho inside south africa..

  2. Vatican city, San Marino and Lesotho all are landlocked republics...with San Marino Being the smallest...Image 1 Vatican City, Image 2 San Marino Grand Prix Track, Image 3 Lesotho

  3. this is too good a question
    is this the controversy over inclusion of a team from botswana on the 24 hr grand prix at le mans by the holy church at vatican>?
    or these are various countries which have won the Le man gtrand prix-botswana and vatican
    sorry for the late reply

  4. @Ramki
    these are the only 3countries lying entirely within another country.
    24hrs of LeMans... I guess it has nothing to do over here