Friday, March 12, 2010

Question # 293

For making vaccines for viral diseases, viruses need to be cultured. And viruses, being the douches that they are, can only grow inside living cells. For culturing polioviruses, mainly cells from monkeys are used. So after growing the viruses in these cells, these cultures are chemically treated so that the cells are removed, only the viruses inside them remain.
Now, suppose a virus was present inside the monkey cell from before, it would mix with the cultured polioviruses, and therefore be propagated with the vaccine. This was probably the case with the X virus.
This is one of the theories of origin of what/ ID X.


  1. hey wasnt this the verve prelimns ques ?? ans is aids virus - hiv

  2. @Binita, i'm posting verve questions only. Kinda short of questions what with intermedics coming up.