Saturday, February 27, 2010

Question # 282

X is a Japanese word which means death from Y. The phenomenon was first identified in Japan, and the word is being adopted internationally. Uehata reported 17 X cases at the 51st annual meeting of the Japan Association of Industrial Health. In 1988 a group of lawyers established the National Defense Counsel for Victims of X (and started telephone consultation to handle inquiries about X-related workers' compensation insurance). Uehata described X as a sociomedical term that refers to fatalities or associated work disability due to cardiovascular attacks (such as strokes, myocardial infarction or acute cardiac failure) which could occur when hypertensive arteriosclerotic diseases are aggravated by a heavy workload. X is not a pure medical term. The media have frequently used the word because it emphasizes that sudden deaths (or disabilities) were caused by Y and should be compensated. X has become an important social problem in Japan.

ID X and Y.


  1. X-karoshi::: death from overwork
    Y- overwork

  2. X= karoshi


  3. X is karoshi and Y is overwork
    Got it via googling...Me ain't good at medical stuff

  4. KAROSHI [X]. Means Death from Overwork

  5. y-batman??