Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question # 269

X is the world's fastest supercomputer. Developed in Los Alamos, the US$133 million X is designed for a performance level of 1.026 petaflops peak. It is a hybrid design with almost 6,912 AMD Opteron dual core processors and almost 12,960 IBM PowerXCell 8i CPUs in special designed TriBlades connected by Infiniband. DOE plans to use the computer for simulating how nuclear materials age and whether the aging nuclear weapon arsenal of the United States is safe and reliable.

X is also the more common name of a bird belonging to the genus Geococcyx of the cuckoo family, Cuculidae, native to North and Central America. These birds are known for their speed and agility.

What is X?


  1. THE ROADRUNNER(geococcyx californius)......the cartoon was amazing on looney tunes.

  2. i remember i was de one who answered dis at de quiz... roadrunner!

  3. It is the roadrunner. Although it's not the world's fastest supercomputer. (This question's an year old).

  4. please don't hold it against us... we're kinda overworked right now (final year sux) but THE DAY OF THE NEW QUESTION will come. someday.
    till then there're these :-)