Sunday, January 31, 2010

Question # 267

Todabhim in the Dausa district in Rajasthan is the country’s leading producer of something that is built using a water pump set converted into engine and runs on diesel.
The object in question is also unmistakably a part of hostel lingo. What?

Question by Suraj Menon


  1. Juugad.............
    and if i am not mistaken, all these questions by suraj were part of vibes finals for 2009. why are u putting them up??
    u guys r like cool, but this is kind of not-so-cool.

  2. unfortunately not yet...
    missed out 2009 entrance by just 20 ranks but same cut-off. u know how they r like..
    currently doin Bsc biotech at MLSC-suraj's college, but preparing for a switchover to KMC next year or generally medicine..
    u guys rock

  3. It is the Jugaad. It also means a workaround - an innovative fix in Hostel lingo.

  4. jugaad...
    ws out of touch all these days, how it goes AT/Tiger ?

  5. JUGGAD, a locally fabricated and assembled hybrid Transport Vehicle

  6. @Kaushik, it's jugaad.

    @Ejaz, we're doing good. AT was regaling us with your adventures in lollypop and inox. wish i was there.

    @Ramki. We need to make questions for verve quiz(interbatch) this month and possibly intermedics next month, so whatever we're making now goes to that pool. Once we're done there, we'll post new ones here. In the meantime, you can submit your questions. we'll put them here.

  7. @tiger, oye its olly pub, not lollypop :-P

  8. ha ha. didn't hear it properly yesterday. was thinking what sort of a name was that.