Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Question # 256

The guy in the first pic, is a huge Star Trek fan, though not an actor by any stretch of imagination. He is seen playing a (non-speaking) supporting role in a Star Trek episode. Ya i know, i don't expect you guys to recognize him OR know his name (fuck i didn't know who he was till 5 minutes ago)... so i also put in a photograph of his undescribably beautiful wife ;-] might help you a little. ID both (more importantly the guy).

Question by AT

Answer : King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan

Answered by Kaushik, Ejaz and Anonymous.


  1. King Abdullah of Jordan (of course everyone knows the wife :))

  2. The King and Queen of Jordan...

  3. king abdullah of jordan and obviously queen Rania of jordan....
    sahi chilli

  4. the abdullah and the.... Rania