Monday, January 11, 2010

Question # 247

As Gandalf, the old guy from LOTR (i mean cmon, how many Gandalves do you know), catfought with the Balrog in the mines of Moria, he broke the bridge on which the Balrog was standing. But the Balrog, in an act of epic in-your-facery, wrapped his whip around Gandalf's ankles, pulling him along. As the old fuck fell into the abyss, he shouted to Frodo & Co., "____, ____ _____!".
What is Balrog's blood group? (Ok, no, joking. Just Unblank)

Question by AT


  1. Fly, you fools!

  2. 'fly you fools'.... dude speakin of which, have u visited this site .... seriously funny stuff...take a look.

  3. Yass the fool has already flown through the site... and it is absurd to the point of being brilliant. jai ho.