Saturday, December 26, 2009

Question # 235

The genesis of this movie was strange indeed. Apparently, the star X & the director Y were very good friends. The story goes that Y prepared a movie poster featuring X & showed it to him. X asked him what the story was. Y promptly replied that he did not have any story. Ever the consummate professional, X proceeded to enquire what the idea was, at least. To which Y blaisely admitted that he didn't have that either; just the poster. So X & Y then came up with a story that they made into a movie; a movie that, inspite of it's initial hype failed to deliver at the box office. Which movie? Also name X & Y.

Question courtesy Suraj Menon
Boat Club Quiz Club(Pune)


  1. the movie is Chandni Chowk to China

    the poster was made of Akshay Kumar

    hence the star X is Akshay Kumar

    the director is Nikhil Advani - Y

  2. (this, even by my standards, is a pretty wild guess) Rocket Singh, ranbir kapoor and shimit amin

  3. X-Himessh
    Y- ????
    movie- Karrzzzzzzzz....
    yehi hoga ....