Sunday, December 13, 2009

Question # 222

Connect the photographs to the seemingly wierd list
- Did things in 'threes' e.g.- staying only in hotel rooms with numbers divisible by 3
- Visibly revolted by jewellery, notably pearl jewellery
- Hatred for overweight people
- Obsession with pigeons
- Extreme fasitidiousness (i don't think that's even a word) with cleanliness

Question by AT


  1. Nikola Tesla...
    Got a bit busy lately.
    Ya abhi, so you're from hyderabad.
    Have you heard of K-circle?
    Btw, I'm from Vizag, presently working
    in Mangalore for BASF.

  2. where are the photographs?
    Mr. BK

  3. Sorry about the pics. Still getting used to bsnl. Can't believe there are internet plans in the world with a download limit. Will post questions properly from today.

  4. anyway i congratulate the people who got it even without the photos.... saxy