Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question # 221

Basically the above 3 pictures are in a certain order, and is basically a chain which has lead to something.
What have the above 3 pics in this particular order led to ?

Question by Ejaz


  1. Google: Google Monster from the GoogleBook, Barney Google and Edward Krasner's nephew who coined the term Googol - Rajiv Rai

  2. yahoo, jeeves(for askjeeves) and google (?)

  3. Google
    The term googol was first introduced in the book mathematics and imagination by Edwar Kasner and James R. Newman.
    The Cartoon is Billy Debeck's Barney Google

  4. In Ejaz's words:

    "google got its name from googol 10 *100, which was mentioned in the book math and its imagination.... the word was mentioned to kasner by his nephew in view of the cartoon character google(in pic), the cartoon characters name was inspired by the google monster(pic )"