Thursday, December 10, 2009

Question # 218

This village is situated in Raichur district of Karnataka. It has sporadic electric supply, and no internet (which is the height of irony). It has no english signboards. Two explanations regarding its interesting name are given -
@ 12th century kannada poet Allama Prabhu initially named it 'Gavi Gallu' meaning 'cave of stone'
@ It was originally called 'Koduva Gallu' ('singing stone') after the sound the river makes on striking the rocks.
On being informed of a certain coincidence, the inhabitants of this village said (in all their naïveté) they were proud that something this popular has been named after it, even though its name and the 'other' name have different etymologies.
What is this village's name?

Question by AT


  1. Google..theory goes like gavi gulla became google

  2. Google...
    Nice question, dude.
    But I gotta accept that I googled in google to find out this google since I'm new to karnataka (basically a Gulti).
    Abhilash, where are you from?

  3. yaar log, it IS a village called Google.... by this logic there's probably a village called Fleshbot too

  4. @Shravan, I'm from Hyd but currently studying in Manipal.