Saturday, December 5, 2009

Question # 213

Id this famous personality

Answer: Chuck Norris

Hope it's not too easy


  1. % He can give cancer to a cigarette.
    % 'Sawaal ye nahin ki ye aadmi kitni daaru pi sakta hai, sawaal ye hai ki bar me kitni daaru hai.'
    % Paranormal Activity is based on a comedy script he wrote.
    % He knows more about ducks than The Stig.
    % He will release his new movie on Dec 21, 2012. And the Mayans knew about it.
    % He is always right. Even when he's not.

    (fyi that shit up there is not copied from anywhere. this is what i do during exam time)

  2. when the Boogeyman goes to sleep everynight, he checks his closet for....... CHUCK NORRIS....
    hell yeah !!!!

    Tnx a lot Tiger fr putting this up....

  3. This guy's JCB Dieselmax runs on petrol.It's Chuck fuckin' Norris.....Mr.BK

  4. @Ejaz, the idea was from your chuck norris golf kart comment yesterday.