Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Question # 209

Connect the following images

Answer: Connect is just the word Bose. Check comments for explanation

Question by Swarnendu Dey.


  1. higgs bosom...er...boson...mr.bk

  2. hey tiger and at... please answer this ques....
    someone s answered higgs boson cuz of the bose-einstien effect, bt the last pic is of jagadish chandra bose, where as higgs boson which was basically a derivative of the bose-einstein condensate was courtesy satyendranath bose....cant remem jc bose contribution to atomic/nuclear physics....
    the top quark thing obviously makes sense with higgs boson though.
    im pretty sure abt jc bose's pic....

  3. @Ejaz: Well, the connect is just the word 'Bose'. No atomic physics involved. The first pic is of Amar Bose of Bose Corporation. Second one is Boson. Third one is JC Bose. (Missed a pic. Can't remember what it was)

  4. aaahhh !!! good one macha.... tore my hair over this one.