Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Question # 203

X has been designed by an ex-titanian, Michael Foley and has been manufactured in the Titan watch plant with electronics from BEL. (Not BHEL)

-It is covered with soil of different hues from different parts of India.

- It has inbuilt with LED lights which will glow to resemble the colour of the flag of the country where it is passing through.

- It has an in-built GPRS system, web-cam and mike which can capture images and sounds to transmit live across the world.

Answer : The baton for Commonwealth Games 2010

@Mr.BK, what's the answer to Question 184
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  1. Common Wealth Games 2010...
    It should have been BEL and GPS right??

    --->The Googler.

  2. Common Wealth Games Relay Baton
    @Tiger,It should have been BEL and GPS right??

    --->The Googler

  3. the commonwealth games baton...2010

  4. @The Googler. Your answer is right. Although it's GPRS only. GPS can't transmit all the data. I'll have to check on BHEL. I took this from the newsletter I received from Titan.

  5. commonwealth games've commented on 184're welcome.

  6. The baton for the CWG that India will host in 2010