Sunday, November 22, 2009

Question # 200

This is a cover of a 1992 edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Now basically this picture popularized a certain form of art. This picture is also considered to be one of the most famous pieces of this particular art form.
Everyone knows the person on the cover, tell me the name of this picture….
Look at the pic closely, its pretty workoutable…(fr all u guys)

Answer : The picture's called Birthday Suit

Question by Ejaz.


  1. booty

  2. Body Painting - The suit is just painted on Demi's naked body.

  3. heh heh i'm not answering this, I'M DOWNLOADING THIS!!!! TIMMMAAYYYY!!!

  4. ya, this is an eg. of body painting- the name of this particular pic is "Demis Birthday Suit"... pretty guessable huh... once we come to think of it.

    ;) ;) ;)