Saturday, November 21, 2009

Question # 199

'M' literally translates to 'one who makes people cry'. According to Srimad Bhagvad, he is the actual father of Seeta. He was once given Boon Water by Shiv, who told him to give it to his (M's) wife. On the journey back, M got very thirsty and drank a bit of that water, and got impregnated (wtf?!). Next morning, he coughed so hard, The Baby That Was To Be Seeta ejected from his mouth and landed in Janakpuri, the kingdom of Janak, and was found by Janak.

N was originally a fortress built by Vishwakarma for Kuber, the god of wealth. In Mahabhaarat, Sahadev visited N during Yudhishthir’s Rajasuya campaign. M et N?


  1. y the questions from old quizzes? i feel guilty answering them...
    ravana nd lanka

  2. @Anonymous: I was at home. Just returned this morning. New questions from today.