Thursday, November 19, 2009

Question # 197

Some Basic Rules of Nomenclature -
a) Names can only be taken from a pre-approved list.
b) Names alternate between male and female.
c) Names are taken alphabetically from the list in chronological order. Thus the first one of the year has a name that starts with A, next B and so on, using alphabets from A to W, excluding Q and U.
d) There are six lists that rotate.
e) Only when the shit gets serious, that a name is retired, and another takes its place.
WTflyingF are we going on about?

Question by AT

Answer : Naming of hurricanes


  1. It's that breed of cats which came from Burma! With marks in their paws and blue eyes. Has a legend of the monks soul escaping into it or some such thing. I cant recollect the exact name though.

    Prashanth Bhat

  2. Naming of tropical cyclones.

  3. hurricanes???
    this is from one of ur quizzes ? cuz i remem this ques.

  4. nomenclature of hurricanes

  5. Yass baby this is the hurricane naming thingy... as for mr. bhat, don't worry man we've all done something like that at some pt of time KEEP GUESSING BABY

  6. @Ejaz. It is from the verve quiz. I'm kinda out of questions. So dug up some old ones and posted them here.

    @AT, can you ask goutham for the name of the band in question # 184 and post it in comments.

  7. @ AT,

    Actually, it was a far more educated guess than you would have it believe. Check out wiki article for the birman cats and particularly the naming convention.

    Prashanth Bhat