Saturday, November 14, 2009

Question # 192


Question by AT


  1. world's fastest indian

  2. the world s fastest indian

    indian scout motorcycle
    bonneville salt fields where burt munro broke the fastest bike record
    bajaj pulsar new ad tagline-the worlds fastest indian
    anthony hopkins played burt munro in the movie
    "the worlds fastest indian"

    special thanks to swarup ray who gave me that movie.

  3. The connect is Burt Munro, speed bike racer from New Zealand. He drove an Indian Scout motorcycle (pic 1) and set records for land speeds at the Salt Flats in Utah (pic 2). The movie "The World's Fastest Indian" starring Anthony Hopkins (pic 4) is based on Burt Munro's life. The tagline for the Bajaj Pulsar bike (pic 3) is 'The Fastest Indian'.

  4. 'the worlds fastest indian'
    movie of the same name featured a bike of the indian motorcycle company which was modified to break the land speed record or something. location was obviously the bonneville salt flats nd i'm guessing it starred anthony hopkins...
    pulsar 220dts-i for obvious reasons...

  5. the answer is world's fastest indian, but ms. mrinalini's also makes sense