Saturday, October 31, 2009

Question # 178

The phrase has been in use in English since at least 2001, where Gary Armstrong and Richard Giulianotti used the phrase to describe the tactics of Argentine team Estudiantes de La Plata in the 1968 Copa Intercontinental game against Manchester United in their book Fear and Loathing in World Football, citing usage of the phrase in a 1968 editorial in the Argentine newspaper El Gráfico.

The phrase was used by Johan Cruyff in 2002 to criticise the tactics that helped Brazil to win the World Cup, stating: "Brazil deserved their win but they aren’t a team. They play and only took advantage of the mistakes of their opponents."

In November 2006 Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas used the term to describe the style of play in the English Premier League, stating: "Teams just defend, defend and defend, they try to waste time. I call it ‘________‘ - but we have to accept this happens and break teams down."

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