Thursday, October 29, 2009

Question # 176

Edith Shain, a nurse working at the Doctor's Hospital in New York City wrote to Eisenstaedt in the late 1970s claiming to be “the woman .”

George Mendonça of Newport, Rhode Island was the first one who claimed to be “the man,” when he came public in 1987.

Carl Muscarello is a retired police officer with the NYPD, came forward in 1995 claiming to be”the man “ rubbishing Mendoca’s theory.

Glenn McDuffie laid claim in 2007 and was supported by Houston Police Department forensic artist Lois Gibson. In the August 14, 2007 issue of AM New York McDuffie said he passed five polygraph tests confirming his claim to be” the man.”

Photographs of all 3 men who have claimed to be “the man”.were analyzed after which Mendonca and Muscarello were conclusively excluded giving the honours to McDuffie as a result on August 3, 2008, Glenn McDuffie was recog as”the man”.

“The Man” and “The Woman”…… what is being discussed here?????????

Question by Ejaz Hossain


  1. It's the sailor and the woman in the white skirt in the photograph by Albert Eisenstaedt titled V-J Day in Times Square.

    Prashanth Bhat

  2. I can't answer this. It would be cheating.