Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Question # 128

Designed by famed landscape artist Emil Kosa, Jr. X was originally created as a painting on several layers of glass and animated frame-by-frame. It had very little animation – just a sideline view of the tower with searchlights, some moving and some non-moving. Over the years, the design went through several changes. In the 1950s, Rocky Longo, an artist at Pacific Title, was hired to recreate the original design. In 1981, after Longo repainted the eight-layered glass panels, a revised, but rather dull and washed-out logo became the official trademark. In 1994, after a few false starts and expensive failed attempts (which even included trying to film it as an actual three-dimensional model), Kevin Burns was hired to produce an all new, standardized logo, this time using the new process of CGI.

What is it?

Question by Abhilash

Answer : 20th Century Fox logo

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