Friday, June 5, 2009

Question # 87

The MASH unit was conceived by X and other surgical consultants as the "mobile auxiliary surgical hospital". Heinvented the roller pump that became an essential component of the heart-lung machine and was also one of the first to perform coronary artery bypass surgery, and in 1953 he performed the first successful carotid endarterectomy. X worked together with Dr. Denton Cooley at Baylor College of Medicine. According to Life magazine, they had a disagreement associated with Cooley's apparently unauthorized implantation of the first artificial heart in a human. The disagreement turned into a bitter feud that lasted for decades; the two men reconciled only in 2007 but he made it public by inviting Cooley to the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal. X was a perfectionist and intolerant of incompetence, and was known to be brutal to surgical trainees and co-workers and would fire surgical assistants who made minor mistakes some examples include cutting the suture to wrong length and small coffee breaks while he was in wards.

Question by BJ