Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Question # 81

'H' -
# Has been an 'in' thing since 1995.
# Conceived specifically with children in mind.
# Endorses big names like Bachchan, Aish, SRK etc.
# The ads that Bachchan did for it were asked by the Election Commission to be taken off air, as it thought those ads were a 'bit too political' due to Bachchan's relations with the Samaajwadi Party.
# Since it is manufactured in the US, some Muslim groups allege that it deliberately causes infertility in Muslims. So large sections of the Muslim population have been known to stay away from it.

Question by AT


  1. the polio vaccine.....good question

  2. pulse polio campaign

  3. betey A.T bahut commed pad raha hain!!

  4. Pulse polio campaign is the right answer. OPV is acceptable.

    Sorry about the mistake in the question. Forgot to correct it.