Sunday, June 28, 2009

Question # 108

In the late 19th century, extract of the Erythroxylon coca plant (yeah, the stuff cocaine is made from) was used like in medicines. Italians used to produce wines with the plant extracts. To compete with these European imports, produced their own cocaine wines, but found themselves in considerably deep shit when some counties imposed prohibition. As a result, 'B' emerged. It was sold as patent medicine in drug stores. It was claimed that B cured morphine addiction (no shit, coz it contained cocaine for cock's sake), dyspepsia, neurasthenia and impotence among other things. Later, when the Federal Drug Adminstration Act made it mandatory for patent drugs to list their contents on the pack, the cocaine was done away with, but the name retained.

Question by AT

Answer : Coca-Cola

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