Saturday, June 27, 2009

Question # 107

Da Man -
$ His first major silver screen appearance was in a Bond movie (i'm not telling which one, you google loving primates) Sean Connery.
$ 'The Observer' lists him as one the top 50 funny British acts.
$ Married his make-up lady, an Indian.
$ Has written automobile articles for British publications like 'Car', 'Octane', 'Evo', etc.
$ Loves cars, owns a shitload of them, hates Porsches. Says 'Psychologically I couldn't handle owning one'.
$ Unbeknownst to many, his most famous character shares his first name with him.

Da Man yaaru?

Question by AT

Answer : Rowan Atkinson


  1. zemen is rowan "blackadder" atkinson.

  2. rowan atkinson....acted in the bond movie never say never again