Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question # 72

"Mammon slept. And the beast reborn spread over the earth and its numbers grew legion. And they proclaimed the times and sacrificed crops unto the fire, with the cunning of foxes. And they built a new world in their own image as promised by the sacred words, and spoke of the beast with their children. Mammon awoke, and lo! it was naught but a follower."

Which book was this taken from?

P.S. I don't expect anyone to answer this question, and I only put it here for it's sheer absurdity. And don't blame me later for this question. I'm telling you it's weird.


  1. hey this is from the book of mozilla. Just try typing "about:mozilla" in your firefox browser.

  2. Akshay's right.

    For more info go to Book of Mozilla on wikipedia

    @Akshay, how the hell did you know this answer?

  3. i got a forward from a friend saying try this out a few months back! :-)