Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question # 71

Puerto del Suspiro del Moro or X is a mountain pass in the Spanish Sierra Nevada.
Boabdil, the last Muslim king of Granada, and his court are said to have crossed this Alpujarras pass at 860 m in height, after being ejected from Granada by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492. It is named so to describe the moment when he loudly looking back and longing for his Granada palaces, and in particular the Alhambra, an act which moved his mother to whip him with the famous "Now you weep like a woman over what you could not defend as a man."

Id X (It's also the name of a book)

Question by Mr. BK


  1. Pass of the Moor's Sigh

  2. Sumit's right. The answer is Pass of the Moor's Sigh.

    And the book is Moor's Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie