Monday, May 25, 2009

Question # 66

Dude -
% Is left handed (major clue. not.)
% Frequently described by Fella ('Fella' being used in place of someone's name) as 'A guy people say thank you to, when he tells them they're gonna die.'
% Is a fictional character based on another fictional character, just like Fella.
% Had posters of Touch of Evil (1958) and Vetigo (1958) in his office. Sometime last year, he replaced Touch of Evil with Ordinary People (1980).
ID Dude, and if you want/can, Fella.

Question by AT


  1. Dr James Wilson... Based on Watson... HOUSE M.D. fella

  2. is it Brad Pitt in that movie with Anthony Hopkins where he is a incarnation of death itself...don't remember the movie's name??

  3. or is it Adam Sandler who is the devil's son in some movie...dunno which one

  4. fella is house and the dude is james wilson...the vetigo poster gave it away!!!

  5. dude is wilson
    fella is house...

  6. the guy - wilson (based on watson)
    fella - house (based on sherlock holmes)
    simple one