Friday, May 22, 2009

Question # 60

Hershel Krustofski has experienced a number of very high highs and very low lows in his long career as one of the city's most beloved performers and a clown. He has won awards, the acclaim of legions of young fans and millions of dollars through his lucrative brand products and endorsements. But these successes have come at a great cost: He has been arrested for armed robbery (he was acquitted when it was proven that he was framed by a disgruntled sidekick), he's filed for Chapter 11 and seen his estate sold at auction, and he's had to experience a painful estrangement from his father, who wanted him to be a rabbi. Perhaps it's no surprise then that on his way to the top (and to the bottom and to the top again) he suffered a heart attack that forced him to wear a pacemaker. Through good times and bad, he has approached life with his wide, engaging smile. Mostly because the smile is painted on.

Whose profile is this?

Question by Abhilash


  1. Krusty The KIller Klown From The Planet Krypton.I like words starting with K name is..


  2. And my LONG comment on yesterday's question has been inexplicably censored?? Answer for that deewaar question was,again,movies based on real life gangsters.
    1)Zanjeer-based on TEJA
    2)Nayagan-Varadaraja Mudaliar
    3)Deewaar-Haji Mastan


  3. i bet this is kokhsukher the cocksucker... or maybe booka the kokhsuker...

  4. oh wait... its krusty the snotty klown

  5. The answer is Krusty from The Simpsons.