Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Question # 54

Newsweek magazine stated that this was the "most walked-out-of movie of the year." This also may have been due to:
"The first 30 minutes of the film has a background noise with a frequency of 28Hz (low frequency, almost inaudible), similar to the noise produced by an earthquake. In humans, it causes nausea, sickness and vertigo. It was the main cause of people walking out of the theaters during the first part of the film in places like Cannes and San Sebastian. In fact, it was added with the purpose of getting this reaction."

Question by Abhilash


  1. Tiger i answeres this question just because of u!!!....if the movie u would have given would have had subtitles i would not have read abou the movie... ;P
    movie is IRREVERSIBLE!!!
    yei!!!...3 days in a row tht i am getting the anwers!!! yo!

  2. whts with dilbert though?....

  3. It's Gaspar Noe's Irreversible.Though ppl walking out after seeing MB's boobs seems a bit cheap to me.It's a good movie also,and this makes it sadder.Cheapass French faggots.

  4. Irreversible... Starring the hottie Monica Bellucci...