Monday, May 18, 2009

Question # 51

As per the chikitsasthana (treatment) section of the ancient Ayurvedic medical text called the Charaka Samhita, it contains 48 different ingredients, including ghee, sesame oil, sugar, and honey. The chief ingredient is Indian gooseberry or Amalaki, but the formula contains many other herbs as well including Bamboo manna, Pippali, Haritaki, Guduchi,Punarnava, Musta and

It is stated to be a treatment for kasa (cough), svasa (dyspnea), kshaya (consumption), svarabheda (voice problems) and hrdroga (heart problems). It is also used in a special type of rasayana therapy called kutipraveshikam, employed after panch karma.

What is being referring to here?

Question by Akshay Athreya


  1. medimix shampoo

  2. Jaljeera? Nimboo paani??

  3. chyavanprash. i think der's some laxative which also uses some of those ingredients but i doubt it would be used to cure cough...

  4. The answer is Chyavanprash, answered by a bunch of people.