Thursday, May 14, 2009

Question # 43

The X, which shocked when it appeared on French beaches in 1947, was a Greco-Roman invention.The modern X was invented by French engineer Louis Réard in 1946. He named it after X Atoll in the Pacific, the site of the Operation Crossroads nuclear weapon test on July 1, 1946. The reasoning was that the burst of excitement created by it would be like a nuclear device. The Y, a X variant, is a back formation from X, interpreting the first syllable as the Latin prefix bi- meaning "two" or "doubled", and substituting for it mono- meaning "one". Jacques Heim called his X precursor the Atome, named for its size, and Louis Réard claimed to have "split the Atome" to make it smaller.

Id X and Y

Question by Sundar


  1. X - Bikini
    Y - Not sure,but could be thong or monokini

  2. simple -
    x - bikini
    y - monokini

  3. bikini and i dont know mankini? (of jim carey fame?)

  4. x is bikni
    y is monokini

  5. yo BIKINI and was just recently the modern version celebrated its birthday

  6. i thought borat was the first person to wear a mankini on screen...??? :?