Monday, May 11, 2009

Question # 38

Connect. Click on the picture for the name of the structure.

I saw this question somewhere and thought i'll let you guys try it out. It's a total crazy answer, no way related to pharmac.

(Hint: The Wall)


  1. Arre some google hoaxes thing

  2. Could it be, that the rebellion of youth has in its roots the destruction of faithfully outsourced old walls and the reconstruction of new introspective ones? If these conceptual walls are truly built of neuroinhibitors, this process would likely be chaotic in nature and neurologically traumatic in effect. One thing for sure: this is the age in which one is most likely to experiment with mind-altering drugs - it seems at least some form of cognitive renovation is underway.booyaa cocksucker1!

  3. how can u do this ,, u'v jst raped chemistry!!

  4. Anyone heard of Google Gulp, google hoax of 2005?

    Go to this link for the answer.

    An article on Google hoaxes was put up on the wall in the library a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's still there.