Sunday, May 10, 2009

Question # 35

Any number of fielders can stand around the batsman, and any fielder can bowl at the batsman from any angle. Once the fielder has fielded the ball they cannot take any steps until they have bowled the ball but can generally throw or bowl the ball how they like. The batsman is bowled out when his legs are hit below the knee and he can also be caught out.

When the batsman hits the ball, he can take 'runs' by revolving the bat around him with both hands. A batsman can take these runs until the ball is in the hands of a fielder and he calls 'ready'.

Most commonly played by children, or mixed groups of children and adults, although adults sometimes play it as a diversion during outdoor parties or on picnics.

What game is this?


  1. it is similar to cricket....but looks to be quite a girly kind of cricket
    French Cricket? ;-)

  2. blind person's cricket?