Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Question # 24

"It will be a retractable 5,200 square metre folding fabric concertina.
The fabric is flexible - meaning it can be folded into a compressed area when not in use - and translucent, so that _________ should have an "open" feel even when the roof is closed.
The roof will be stored in two sections, one at the north end of the _______ and the other at the south.
A combination of hydraulic jacks and arms will move the two sections into place. They will meet and join in an overlapping seam above the middle of the ________.
The translucent roof has been designed to allow natural light to reach the grass, with a ventilation system to remove condensation from the arena when the roof is closed."

What is this all about?

Question by Akshay Atreya